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SoCAA is home to professionals in agriculture dedicated to advancing professional crop production and enhancing agribusiness value chains. SoCAA is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious, non-racial, non-tribal and non-profit international organization, with perpetual existence.

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Laws are not Always Enough to Ensure Food Safety

Laws are not Always Enough to Ensure Food Safety

Food safety can greatly be achieved by improving linkages between the actors in the Agribusiness industry. This will help the industry to adopt standards and traceability systems, promote self-regulation and empower informed consumers to take action.  It should not always…

Food Security in  Kenya

Food Security in Kenya

Achieving food security goes beyond simply having enough food to eat.  The quality, affordability and accessibility of available food are critical elements of food security.  The reality is that greater emphasis has been placed on food availability at the expense…