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Who we are.


An Agribusiness Network

Providing Professional Agribusiness Advisory

SOCAA is a professional, membership based society, registered in December 2015 with recognition from the Kenya Government State Department of Agriculture. 

Our membership is drawn from various agricultural bodies including producers and exporters, input and service providers and consultants among others.   Members participate in the life of the society through organized events and general meetings and contribute to the external engagements through working groups which shape and drive the thematic development of SOCAA’s vision and mission. 

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Our Vision: “To be the leading hub of agricultural professionals working together to create an impact in agribusiness and the agricultural sector”

Our Mission: “SOCAA’s mission is to grow a critical mass of engaged members, who have a significant impact on improved agricultural practices and policies, raising crop farmers’ incomes.”

Our core values:

  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Teamwork 
  • Accountability

Our Objectives:

SOCAA exists to serve the following purposes

  1. Unite, co-ordinate, and represent crop and agribusiness advisors in Kenya
  2. Act as the voice of competent crop and agribusiness advisors in Kenya and East Africa region.
  3. Create a pool of experts of professionals by location and area of expertise
  4. Expose and encourage continuous training opportunities for members
  5. Give farmers a one stop shop for information on best practice in production, markets, inputs, etc.
  6. Promote the practice of crop science, crop protection, horticulture, floriculture and agronomy and their academic excellence and professional ethics.
  7. Contribute to curriculum development and agricultural policy at county and national level
  8. Collaborate with existing institutions in research, policy among others and to facilitate graduate attachments and internship programs
  9. Link and network stakeholders in agronomy, crop science, crop protection, floriculture and horticulture within Kenya.
  10. Encourage social and economic development of the rural sector and represent agrarian rights in national and International forums and before the Government of Kenya.

We engage with public and private sector organizations, educational institutions, regulatory authorities and farmers through projects and via media.  

Our Structure

Day to day running of the society done by the Secretariat headed by the CEO who is also Secretary to the Executive Committee under guidance from the General Secretariat

SOCAA Organogram with Board

Our Team

Board of Management

Mr. Rikki Agudah
Nekesah Wafullah – Vice Chair
Ms. Nekesah Wafullah
Vice Chair
Jane Musindi - Secretary General and CEO
Ms. Jane Musindi
Secretary and CEO
Mr. Patrick Amuyunzu
Dr. Kumar Santosh
Board Member
Nicholas Kahiga - Vice Chairman SoCAA
Mr. Nicholas Kahiga
Board Member
Henry Kinyua - Board Member
Mr. Henry Kinyua
Board Member
Lilian Wanjiru - Board Members
Dr. Lilian Wanjiru
Board Member
Ms. Susan Njoroge
Board Member
David Ndegwa - Board Member
Mr. David Ndegwa
Board Member
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