SOCAA is a professional, membership based society, registered in December 2015 with recognition from the Kenya Government State Department of Agriculture. 

Our membership is drawn from various agricultural bodies including producers and exporters, input and service providers and consultants among others.   Members participate in the life of the society through organized events and general meetings and contribute to the external engagements through working groups which shape and drive the thematic development of SOCAA’s vision and mission. 

Our Objectives

SOCAA exists to serve the following purposes:

We engage with public and private sector organizations, educational institutions, regulatory authorities and farmers through projects and via media.  

Our Structure

Day to day running of the society done by the Secretariat headed by the CEO who is also Secretary to the Executive Committee under guidance from the General Secretariat

SOCAA Organogram with Board

Our Partners

We recognize that our broad objective of supporting farmers, agribusinesses and consumers to improve their livelihoods through sustainable agriculture processes cannot be achieved in isolation and our members must work alongside other key partners towards common goals.