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Exploring Coffee Market Dynamics: Insights from Kaabirer, Kangocho, and Ndima-ini Factories

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  • Exploring Coffee Market Dynamics: Insights from Kaabirer, Kangocho, and Ndima-ini Factories

Today we do a deep dive into three factories, Kaabirer , Kangocho and Ndima-ini. They have all delivered coffee to the market using different brokers at different time.
Kangocho presented highest number of lots and participated in the market from sales, 9,10,11,14,15,16,17,18, 20 and 21. they have contracted Alliance Berries as their Brokers and their coffee was bought by various buyers. In total Kangocho have sold 2884 bags or 176,240Kgs of various grades. The total value of their coffee $947,578
The next factory is Ndimaini. They have participated or rather their cofffee was sold in sales 10,13,14, 20 and 21. They have contracted New KPCU as their broker. They have sold 463 bags or 27,179Kgs of various grades and earned a total of $138,864
The Final one for today is Kaabirer cooperative in Nandi county. Kaabirer markets their coffee through Kirinyaga Slopes Brokerage Company. This is the beauty of these reforms a farmers cooperative in Rift Valley region engaging a successful farmers owned marketing company in central region to market their coffee. Kaabirer coffee have been sold in sales 17, 18 and 20. So far they have sold 225bags, or 13,947Kgs. The total value of their coffee is $58,525.
i will work on other requests later today or tomorrow but Im working on an easier way to simplify Transaction Listing from NCE for all farmers to establish when their coffee was brought to market and how much it fetched. demystifying coffee market by increasing transparency using technology is one of my main objectives .. so keep it here.

By Henry Kinyua.

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