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SoCAA is home to professionals in agriculture dedicated to advancing professional crop production and enhancing agribusiness value chains. SoCAA is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious, non-racial, non-tribal and non-profit international organization, with perpetual existence.

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Role of Agribusiness Advisors in Kenya’s Food System – Focus on Agroinputs

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  • Role of Agribusiness Advisors in Kenya’s Food System – Focus on Agroinputs
Role of Agribusiness Advisors in Kenya’s Food System – Focus on Agroinputs

We continue to delve into the more practical aspects of making food safety the norm as we seek to achieve food and nutrition security for all Kenyans in line with the Global SDG (Zero Hunger – SDG2), Vision 2030 and the Big 4 Agenda. Food safety is everyone’s business and through a collaborative multi-stakeholder standard driven approach is it possible to assure the safety and quality of food for all Kenyans. It is said you reap what you sow. During this meeting, we examine the practicalities of Fertilizers, seeds, and agrochemicals, on how to maximize their benefits towards attaining high yields in a safe and sustainable manner. We delve into the basics of what works and what doesn’t.


Robert Wachira

Robert is an expert in crop protection and currently manages Adama Agriculture East Africa Ltd’s. Robert is in charge of Product development and offers technical support on safe and sustainable use of Agrochemicals. Robert is a seasoned entomologist by training.

Lilian Wanjiru

Dr. Lilian Wanjiru Mbuthia-Matoke is currently the senior agronomist for Israel Chemical Limited (ICL) in East Africa based in Nairobi providing technical support for specialty fertilizers as well as training of farmers and extension service providers on soil and crop nutrition management.

Gabriel Uri

Gabriel has studied horticulture and mastered in Strategic management. He is an agronomist as well as a farmer and offers advice on both farming and agronomy. He is currently consulting in matters agriculture. He has worked with several leading agro-input companies.

Nekesah Wafulah

Nekesah Wafullah is an Agricultural Economist, Sales and Business Development Consultant. She is a skilled agriculture expert with extensive knowledge in agricultural energy value addition products, agricultural business management services, project management, various forms of fertilizer, their production, sales, marketing aspects and application regimes; cross border fertilizer trade policies; youth and women empowerment.


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