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Horticulture Crops Directorate (HCD) Registration Process

Horticulture Crops Directorate (HCD) initiated the process of registering all horticulture consultants. (See letter from HCD) Step 1.Download and fill the registration form Step 2. Attach your testimonials (certificates), national identification document and passport picture (2*2 inch) Step 3. Submit via email to horticulturalinspection@gmail.com and directorhcd@afa.go.ke and copy secretariat@socaa.or.ke Note: The secretariat...
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Unlocking Maize Production

This is the password for maize production in Kenya. Lets talk babycorn. I have grown babycorn for years above numbers and these are my facts. 1. Spacing 15 cm from seed to seed and 75 cm between the rows on a bed 2. Number of plants per row = 666...
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Simple Solution to Food Security

How can we address the perennial food insecurity in Kenya? In my view, food security would be addressed adequately if over 80% of the rural households were able to meet their annual food requirements with food produced from the family shamba. What is the cause of food insecurity in Kenya?...
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Creating a Food Secure Country

Kenya has a total population of 47,615,739 people (Index Mundi, 2014). As at the end of March 2019 1,111,500 people were food insecure according to statistics carried out by the Catholic Church. The most affected are 12 counties that is, Turkana, Baringo, Mandera, Garissa, Kilifi, Tana River, West Pokot, Marsabit,...
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