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Simple Solution to Food Security

How can we address the perennial food insecurity in Kenya? In my view, food security would be addressed adequately if over 80% of the rural households were able to meet their annual food requirements with food produced from the family shamba. What is the cause of food insecurity in Kenya?...
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Creating a Food Secure Country

Kenya has a total population of 47,615,739 people (Index Mundi, 2014). As at the end of March 2019 1,111,500 people were food insecure according to statistics carried out by the Catholic Church. The most affected are 12 counties that is, Turkana, Baringo, Mandera, Garissa, Kilifi, Tana River, West Pokot, Marsabit,...
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Precision Farming

My main goal in farming this year is go into precision farming where everything is meticulously done. Where spacing isn’t assumed but measured to precision. The game plan is to define how to grow everything on a 1m2 then replicated into the entire field . The objective is to increase...
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Why Industrialization is Failing with us

I remember well in my high school History class reading and learning about the Agrarian revolution and industrialization in Europe. I was young then, but I understood clearly what that meant, from farming to cottage industries to the manufacturing industries hence the European industrialization. The whole growth is a process,...
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