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Why Industrialization is Failing with us

I remember well in my high school History class reading and learning about the Agrarian revolution and industrialization in Europe. I was young then, but I understood clearly what that meant, from farming to cottage industries to the manufacturing industries hence the European industrialization. The whole growth is a process,...
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Post-Harvest Innovations for improved Food Security

The concluded 1st All Africa Post Harvest Congress and Exhibition event, held in Nairobi, Kenya on the 28th to 31st March, which focused on food security, with the aim of sustainable solutions for Africa. Having taken place against a backdrop of 30% global food losses and a recent drought that affected...
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SunCulture’s IDEA

New technologies follow a learning curve and decrease in price over time. Early cell phones were massive and expensive, but now nearly a billion Africans own one. The price of solar modules have fallen by 150 times in the past 35 years alone. SunCulture developed the Iterative Design for Eventual...
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Agriculture: Tanzania’s Best Option to Escape Poverty

Increasing agricultural production is said to be the best way to reduce poverty affecting most of the rural population in Tanzania, according to research. For this reason, leaders, policymakers and bilateral donors are supporting the country’s initiatives aimed at boosting agriculture and food security. Over the weekend, the Alliance for...
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Major Seed Companies Ranked on Efforts to Help Smallholders

A new index ranks the world’s leading seed companies, including Monsanto, Dupont and Syngenta on their efforts to help smallholders. Although better seeds could triple agricultural yields, these companies traditionally have a poor record of reaching farmers in food insecure regions, reports UK newspaper The Guardian. The recently launched Access to...
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