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NROCAA is a professional certification scheme provided by SOCAA.  It is a voluntary program providing a base level of standard through testing and raising that standard through continuous education. Membership to the register shall be totally voluntary, and as such only those willing may join upon meeting the competence requirements and paying required subscriptions.

The NROCAA certification program from SOCAA shall be the benchmark of professionalism for Crop Agribusiness Advisors. The purpose of the certification program is to protect the public, employers and the profession. By protecting the public’s welfare, a profession earns trust and respect which are the most important elements in securing a professional’s future. Additionally, the scheme provides professional enhancements to a person’s career credentials. Once certified you are telling your clients, employer and the public that you are serious about what you do as a professional.

These standards will define the profession of agronomy and agribusiness advice, which gives farmers, employers, and government agencies a tool to help them choose professionals with the necessary skills to meet their needs. In summary, certification programs will set standards, measure applicants against those standards, and shall be responsible for investigating individuals that practice outside of the programs’ code of ethics. The purpose of all these steps is to protect the public, employers, and other clients.

NROCAA is a voluntary initiative.

Who can be certified?

An agronomist or agribusiness advisor that meet the standards of the scheme and

  1. Advises growers on
  • agronomic practices
  • post-harvest handling
  • value chain/marketing;
  1. Conducts
  • training programs for other agronomists
  • conducts research,
  1. Manages other agronomists, or provides technical support to field agronomists
  • (including IPM/ICM, pesticide technical sales representatives, seed sales Agronomists, fertilizer technical sales representatives, soil scientists)

As a minimum, applicant must possess a graduate school qualification with not less than 3 years working experience and additional training relevant to the field of expertise applied for.  In addition, applicants must meet any specific criteria to the area of expertise.

NROCAA membership shall also be open to professionals as outlined above with post-secondary school qualification and relevant working experience in crops and agribusiness of over 10 years under the ‘grandfather’s right’ category upon successful application, vetting and payment of annual membership fee.

NROCAA membership is not open to corporates.  It is also not open to graduates with less than 3 years working experience.

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